• Yellow pattern skirt batik
  • Yellow pattern skirt batik
  • Yellow pattern skirt batik
  • Yellow pattern skirt batik

Yellow pattern skirt batik


This vintage skirt from the 90’s was a inspiration for the new line.

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The yellow pattern skirt batik is a vintage skirt from the 90's it was a inspiration for the new line. This is from a time when my grandmother still ran the company. High quality breathable cotton and a stunning motive with classical color conbinations. They don't make them like these anymore. I can play around with new creations but at the end of the day i still love the traditional stuff. Funny but true, these had been laying around for a while but it wasn't until last year when i ment online that i rediscovered them. They have been the best selling item for women ever since! Only a few left and is this day and age the price could easily be double so get them for a steal. With two long chords you can wrap it around your waist and just tie a knot. Easy to use and a breezy feel for the hot days. Works for many styles too! get the yellow pattern skirt batik.   Check out this skirt HERE!
A mix of cotton, linen, slik, artificial silk and satin. Rupa is continuously looking for the most beautiful stories (read prints) and the finest fabrics to create clothing that you want to wear.
Maat Confectiemaat Borstomvang (in cm) Taille (in cm) Heupomvang (in cm)
XS 34 78-81 62-64 87-91
S 36 82-85 65-67 92-96
M 38 86-89 68-71 97-100
L 40 90-93 72-75 101-104
XL 42 94-97 76-79 105-107


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